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Plant Growth Regulator
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We are not a factory, but we are backed by hundreds of factories. We're not chemist, but we deliver best chemicals. With knowledge and experience, we know how to add most value for every penny you spend. Anything you need, we'll get it or have it made for you.

Our service covers not only insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, rodenticides as well as plant growth regulator, and etc, but also all possible formulation: SC, EC, SL, WP, SP, WG, EW, FS..., you name it, we'll get it.

Packaging is of our expertise: any material, any type, any size, any color, for retail, wholesale, semi-wholesale, any purpose, again, you name it, we do it.

Registration? No problem, we can help.

Wondering what to do to brand your own products? No problem, we can help!

Everything negotiable. 100% customizable.

Simply email or call us with your inquiry, consultation is always free and friendly. Let us do all dirty work; but you get neat product. If for any reason we don't do it, we'll tell you who can do it.

Give us a chance, we will show you the differences and advantages!

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